Hotels with a passion for quality, service and the environment. Great deals on UK hotels with a responsible attitude towards the environment

  • Manor House, Ballycastle
    Strict policy of using ingredients and products that either support local trade or have strong ethical policies themselves.
  • Apex European Hotel, Edinburgh
    Apex Edinburgh has outstanding attitude to environmental responsibility and endeavour to identify and implement eco friendly policies throughout the hotel.
  • Atlantic House Hotel, Bude
    The hotel takes a number of positive steps to minimise their environmental impact. Supporting the local community and protecting the natural environment of Cornwall are fundamental to the hotels environmental policy.
  • Fortingall Hotel, Aberfeldy
    A small country house hotel that has implemented a number of energy saving measures. The hotel has started an excellent initiative to support local wildlife.
  • Lakes Hotel Windermere
    Encourage green travel, use recycle products and support council recycle were ever possible.
  • Number 68 Milton Keynes
    Have a proactive approach to saving energy guests are encouraged to assist in saving energy by taking simple steps such as turning lights of when leaving a room.
  • Neatham Mill Farm Guest House Alton
    The hotel has its own biomass boiler providing 100% of hot water and heating. The boiler uses waste from the hotel resulting in carbon neutral energy.
  • Winford Manor Bristol
    The Winford Manor work extremely hard to minimize adverse effects on the environment caused by the day to day running. Staff are well trained and take all steps necessary to ensure successful implementation of the hotels environmental policy.
  • Clanville Manor, Castle Cary
    We have been assessed as being at Silver level for Green Tourism We take care to balance guests' expectation of a quality stay & consideration for the impact that stay may have on the environment.
  • Bedruthan Steps Hotel, Newquay
    The Bedruthan is not only a beautiful hotel in stunning location it is also very eco friendly with a effective well thought out environmental policy which aims to save energy, save water, protect the environment and help the local community.
  • Swinton Park, Ripon
    The Swinton Park fully respects its environment and is well aware that its outstanding location plays a important part in the hotels continuing success with this mind they have set themselves tough targets to guarantee they act as environmentally responsible as they can.
  • Crooklands Hotel, Kendal
    The Hotel understands the need for responsible energy management as part of a programme to limit the effective running a hotel has on the environment.
  • Green Lawns Hotel, Falmouth
    Green Lawns Hotel is a small establishment committed to playing their part to limit climate change.
  • Oldfield House Buxton
    Excellent insulation, recycling and lighting policies in place. Every attempt is made to support local trade.
  • Twin Oaks Guest House Cadnam
    The hotel has as extensive number of initiatives in place which significantly limit the environmental impact of the business well at the same time ensuring that guest receive a 4 star service.
  • Beverley Guest House Weston-Super-Mare
    Beverley Guest House recognise they have social responsibility to manage the environmental impact of their activities, products and services as such they work very hard to comply with relevant legislation and codes of practice

Ethical travel for today

Clear Sky Hotels want to have a positive influence on environmental issues by providing information on climate change, encouraging hotels to look at ways to reduce their carbon emissions and by contributing towards climate development projects.
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Carbon Offsetting

Offsetting allows Clear Sky Hotels indirectly to reduce your carbon footprint to and from your accommodation.

Carbon offsetting for the month

tonnes of CO2

Total Carbon offset

tonnes of CO2

Clear Sky Hotels pledge to offset the C02 emissions generated from the first 200 miles of your journey by making a donation to help fund projects working on improving energy efficiency and forest restoration.

    The UK has a total of 10,000 miles of dedicated cycle paths offering people of all ages and ability an eco friendly healthy form of transport. Isn’t it about time you discovered the joys of cycling.
  • Bristol & Bath Railway Cycle Path
    The Bristol & Bath Railway path is one of the original routes on the National Cycle Network. The path provides a traffic free route, slight gradients and pleasant scenery.
  • Kidwelly to Llanelli Bridge Cycle Path
    Enjoy a traffic free route along the Loughor Estuary looking out towards the Gower Peninsula.
    Britain’s beaches come in all shapes and sizes from the classic bucket and spade beach to the wild craggy shorelines. Our beaches are unique to our coastline and provide a wonderful location for a cheap day out.
  • Camber Sands
    A fantastic beach which has been awarded the blue flag. Camber Sands is popular for the beautiful dunes that lead onto a glorious sandy beach which even on the busiest of days has space for everyone.
    Holidays and short breaks in the UK are becoming very popular with money tight and the exchange rate so poor Britain has never offered better value. From days out to full blown holidays Britain has it all Grab your opportunity and create memories that last a life time.
  • The World of Beatrix Potter
    The world of Beatrix Potter is a award winning attraction situated minutes away from Lake Windermere in the centre of Bowness. Children will love this virtual world that brings to life all the characters made famous by Beatrix Potter. The attraction offers a special day out perfect for families and anyone who loves the stories of Peter Rabbit, Jeremy Fisher and Jemima puddle duck
  • Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground
    Act like Captain Jack at the Diana, Princess of Wales Playground in Kensington Park . The playground which is inspired by the story of Peter Pan will keep children of all ages occupied for hours, the park has been designed to make sure less able bodied children do not miss out on the fun. The focal point of the playground is the Pirate ship complete with ships wheel, pulleys and ropes.
    The National Parks of Britain celebrate some of most diverse and beautiful landscape in the world. There are 14 National Parks in all providing access to the mountains, lakes, beaches and untamed landscapes that stir the imagination providing inspiration for body and soul. Perfect for a day out or short break Britain’s National Parks are the ideal destination for the adventures or young families and promise a lifetime of unforgettable experiences.
  • Lake District
    Explore a landscape of breath taking beauty be inspired just as Wordsworth, Ruskin and Coleridge by the dramatic fells and crystal clear lakes.
  • Yorkshire Dales
    You will never be short of somewhere new to explore each day spent in the Dales offers a new discovery.
    The natural landscape of Britain offers a choice of thrilling walks, each offering a new experience and a different challenge. Get you’re walking boots on and discover for yourself the hills, moors, lakes and rivers that make Britain great.
  • The Pennine Way
    The Pennine Way is a classic walk which is without doubt a testing but highly rewarding experience. The walk covers Peak District, South Pennine Moors and Yorkshire Dales.
  • Coniston to Great Langdale
    Staring from the traditional Lakeland village of Coniston the walk takes you through woodland, passed Tarn How down into the beautiful Langdale Valley. Don’t forget to take your time to enjoy the views which are special whatever the season.
  • Marvel at Edinburgh from Arthurs Seat
    The Edinburgh landscape is dominated by craggy hills of which Arthurs Seat is perhaps the most famous climb to the top and you’re guaranteed the best views of historic Edinburgh, the only drawback it’s a 250 metre climb.
  • Boscastle Harbour Walk
    A Peaceful walk which takes you through beautiful Cornish Woodland before arriving in picturesque Boscastle harbour.
  • Walk the Roman Way
    Hadrian’s Wall runs stretches 85 miles from the north west across to the north east of England. The wall takes you through farmland, upland and green pastures passing countless sites of historic importance related to the Romans. You can walk individual parts or take the challenge of completing the full 84 miles and in doing so enjoy the full beauty of this stunning trail.
    Each individual contributes to climate change however it easier than you think to limit the damage caused by day to day living. Many green tips also help you save money.
  • Travel green go by train
    Train travel uses less fuel and emits less pollution per passenger than both the plane and the car. The train may not be practical for a short trip in town or the supermarket but for medium to long travel around the UK from an environmental standpoint the train beats all other means of transport.
  • 10:10 campaign
    The Guardian Newspaper have just launched their 10:10 campaign which aims to encourage individual, organizations and business to cut their greenhouse emissions by 10%. it’s a exciting, imaginative campaign which clear sky hotels have signed up to.
  • Save energy by installing a smart meter
    Individuals looking to cut household emissions by 10% by 2010 can give themselves a helping hand by installing a smart meter.
  • Its easy to reuse
    We live in a disposale society but we can reuse many things we throw away. By reusing we cut down on waste that often ends up in landfill sites
  • Stay Green
    What simple but effective steps can we take to minimize our carbon footprint when staying in a hotel?
  • Reduce food waste and save upto £600 a year.
    Save your self money by cuting back on food waste, on averge each household in the country throws away a third of food purchsed.
  • What is a green hotel?
    Clear Sky Hotels actively support Green Hotels, but what is a green hotel. Is there such a thing as a green hotel policy or is it as simple as working with guest to reduce, reuse, repair and recycle.
  • 10% by 2010 it easier than you think
    Limiting the damage caused by your own lifestyle is easier than you think, even better news you probably end up better off, healthier and happier.
  • Clearskyhotels and 10:10
    Clearskyhotels shows its support its support for the 10:10 campaign with a set of initiatives aimed at achieving and exceeding 10:10

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