Marvel at Edinburgh from Arthurs Seat

View across Edinburgh towards Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags
Arthurs Seat is the main peak of a cluster of craggy hills that overlook Holyrood Park. The hill is a popular tourist attraction as it’s relatively easy to climb and offers superb panoramic views of the whole of Edinburgh and beyond.

There are a number of routes up Arthurs Seat perhaps the easiest and therefore the most popular is to start from Dunsapie Loch and follow the footpaths up the eastside of the hill. If you prefer a longer walk less frequented by day tripper’s start from the Palace of Holyrood keep to the footpath which will take you past St Anthony’s Chapel until you reach the paths leading up from Dunsapie Loch from there follow the route to the summit. From the top of Arthurs Seat try and see how many tourist attractions you can spot, if the weather is kind to you will be able to see beyond Edinburgh out towards the Firth of Forth and the Ochil Hills.

Take care when walking Arthurs Seat as in the summer if the sun is strong you run the risk of getting burnt during the winter the exposed summit can be very windy and quite often wet, the lower reaches of Arthurs Seat can also become bogged down after heavy rain.

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