Boscastle Harbour Walk

A charming walk that through woodland and meadow land passed a ancient church and winding river before reaching the historic old port of Bodcastle.

Boscastle is a natural harbour
The walk starts from the car park on B3263. From the car park head through gates on to a small path continue down path passed a signpost pointing towards Newmills and St Juliots, follow the path through meadowland towards Minster Wood, and follow the path alongside the River Valency until you reach a wooden footbridge. Take a right turn at the footbridge then proceed upwards through woodland for about half a mile until you reach a fork in the path. At the fork take a right and head towards Minster Church.

Pass through the churchyard and turn right, this will take you onto a lane which you follow for three quarters of a mile when the lane starts to bend sharply to the left you follow a signpost which takes you up a number of step steps at the top of the steps is a stile, climb the stile and walk across a field downhill towards the Jordan Valley from there following the path to the old village (it should be signposted) when you reach a old cottage go through a gate and head uphill to the path meets the road, at the road turn and head down a steep hill continue until you reach a fork in the road at which point turn left and then right this should take you onto Forrabury Hill, take the footpath signposted coastal path, follow the path across the common and pass to the right of Forrabury Church, continue till you reach a meeting of paths at this point take a right and head towards Willaprk Headland continue until you reach the cliff edge and head down towards the harbour.

06 Jan 10
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