Camber Sands

Golden beach of Camber Sands
Camber Sands is a glorious beach surrounded by dramatic dunes which tower above the sandy expanse. The dunes are which are formed by sand blown up from the main beach are covered in marram grass making it the perfect environment for wildlife and vegetation. The whole area is designated as a site of scientific interest. Lovers of wildlife will have much to see and enjoy however be warned the brown tail mouth caterpillar which can be found on shrubs on the dunes can give you a nasty rash.

The beach which has been awarded a blue flag provides the perfect environment for kids to run and play to their hearts content, the sea is clean and weather permitting is great for paddling. The east end part of the beach is popular with enthusiasts of kite boarding and kite buggying. The beach can get busy in the summer months but such is its size that you should have no problem finding a space to make your own for the day. Camber Sands is safe but you do need to take sensible precautions, tides can be strong and it is not unknown for lillo’s or dingys to be swept out to sea also beware that the tide is fast returning and you can get stranded very quickly. The beach is also home to the weaver fish which buries itself in the sand making it hard to spot, if stood on it will give you a nasty sting that will need medical attention.

There is a small but good selection of cafes, shops and amusements as well as a couple of very good pubs nearby. Toilets including disabled facilities are all within walking distance. There are several pay and display car parks located close to the beach.

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