10 steps we can all take to reduce our environmental footprint by 2010.

1 Watch what you eat
Producing the food we eat is very energy intensive. Meat production has a very high carbon footprint so by introducing more vegetables into our diet or better still eating meat free meals a couple of times a week you can make a start at reducing your emmissions by 10 by 2010

2 Heat your home sensibly
Try to look at ways to keep your home warm, turn you central heating down a degree, shut doors to keep heat in, have your boiler serviced, only heat rooms you use. If you haven’t installed it consider loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Take a sensible attitude to heating your home.

3 Water has a huge carbon footprint
We all take for granted the water that comes out of the tap, however as a nation 8% of our carbon footprint is generated by water and sewage treatment. We can reduce the water we use by installing a water meter, taking showers not baths, only using washing machines and dishwashers when full and even putting a brick in your cistern helps.

4 Cut Down on using you car
We can cut down on the emissions generated from our car by driving greener, sharing a car to work or the shops, catching a bus or choosing to walk on short journeys.

5 Hang onto old clothes
Each new item of clothing we buy generates 20X its on weight in harmful emissions, hang onto old clothes, too often we impulse buy and the clothes we buy never got worn.

6 Gadget Overload
Every home in the country is packed full of electrical gadgets, appliances once considered affordable to a select few are now within the reach of everybody, this is a good thing but as the saying goes you can have too much of a good thing. Each electrical appliance in our homes has a massive carbon footprint so hang onto gadgets as long as you can and remember when you buy new don’t forget to recycle the old.

7 Invest in a energy monitor
These simple little devices really work, they can reduce your electricity bill by up to a quarter and soon pay for themselves. Shock your friends by telling them how much energy a kettle uses or how much it costs to tumble dry your jeans.

8 Take up cycling
The environmental benefits of cycling are obvious as are the health benefits but what’s more cycling (walking too) has been show to have a positive impact on a persons happiness.

9 Don’t be taken in.
We are constantly bombarded with advertising, each new advert promises to make us happier however study after study tells us the exact opposite constantly striving for the material deflects from the things that are most important to us like family, friends and good health.

10 Tell your friends.
Now you know how to cut your carbon footprint, save money, keep healthy and be happy tell your friends.

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