Travel by train

Travel by train
Travel by train can with some justification claim to be the greenest form of travel. It is well known that train travel is far greener than air travel perhaps less well know is how much greener the train in relation to the car. A full train in comparison to a full car will use half the energy resulting in significant cuts in the measure of carbon per mile per person.

Unrivalled comfort
It is possible to travel in comfort to any number of destinations with limited stops and hold ups. Train stations have been traditionally built in the centre of town close to the main shops and hotels providing the ideal form of transport for a short city break. Trains offer a higher level of comfort than the plane or car offering more leg room and the option of getting up and going for a walk.

Travel to Europe
Eurostar trains have been a huge success proving that on short haul trips to Europe (route permitting) the train can offer airlines very stiff competition. The train may come second if you consider the actual time travelling but if you factor the time spent at the airport checking in and going through security and waiting for your bags on arrival then the overall journey time for air and train travel is very similar.

What’s the cost
The drawback with train travel in the UK is the pricing structure which is complicated and often expensive. The best way to buy train tickets is to buy in advance and if possible use one of the different types of railcard available to help discount the price.

The train offers comfortable, relaxing transportation which is environmentally friendly and definitely worth considering next time you’re planning a trip.

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