200 Mile Pledge

One of the unfortunate drawbacks of travel is the damage to the environment from CO2 emissions generated from the means of transport used to reach your destination. We believe that travel and indeed tourism are part of the fabric of modern social and economic society and there is no need for anybody to stay at home or postpone a trip for environmental reasons.

It is important that the travel industry starts to take a more responsible ethical attitude, our business is based around selling accommodation which necessities travel to and from hotels and it is for this reason we have an obligation and a commitment to limiting the environmental damage caused by the service we provide.

We have come to conclusion the best way to do this at the present moment is to offset the CO2 emitted from your journey. For each reservation made on Clear Sky Hotels we pledge to offset the first 200 miles of your journey by making a contribution towards projects specializing in green energy, energy efficiency and forest restoration. The full cost of the pledge will be met by us; there are no additional charges or hidden costs to the price you are charged for your room. We recognise the importance of making sure that each 200 mile pledge is used to its full potential that is why we work in partnership with Climate Care.

Climate Care has an enviable reputation in the field of carbon offsetting. Companies who use their service include British Airways, Land Rover, Lonely Planet and What Car. They invest in a number of projects and manage their portfolio in such a way that if a particular project is falling short of expected CO2 reductions they ensure that this is compensated for by an over performing project. All projects are based on UN procedures and each project must make CO2 emissions reductions which can be measured, they must make reductions in CO2 over and above those generated from investment from Climate Care and each project must make a ethical and sustainable contribution to the local communities.

The 200 mile pledge is based on a petrol car doing 35 MPG. A more economical car will result in a greater number of miles been offset.

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