Reusing is simple and makes sense

Modern society produces so many items that we take for granted and simply throw away after use but with a little thought it is possible to reuse so much of what we put into the bin. This is not a revolutionary suggest but simply a return to the values held by previous generations when people were not as affluent as they are today.

By looking at ways to reuse old items we can reduce the need to produce more throw away goods which simply add to the burden of climate change by increasing energy and materials needed for production.

reusable shopping bag
Reusing is different from recycling, reusing challenges an individual to look at a different use for an item when it has finished its original purpose. Reusing prevents items going into landfill but also saves you money if you can find a reason to put to use something you would of other wise of purchased. We can reuse things in our home such as reusing plastic bags when you go shopping, glass jars and cardboard boxes in storage, rechargeable batteries and old clothing by passing on to family members or using as rags. It does not matter who or how an item is reused donating clothes or furniture to charities or local community groups will almost always guarantee an items reuse.

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