Smart Meters help to reduce energy waste

Smart meters monitor your energy use and provide you with the information needed to cut your household carbon emissions by 10%. Recent studies point to the fact that were a home has installed a smart meter the average energy savings are just over 10%.

It will cost use anywhere between £30 to £120, the more expensive the meter the more information provided, the average saving from a meter is estimated to be £50, so even if you opt for the most expensive meter it will have paid for itself with a couple of years.

Once you have installed your meter you will have accurate figures on the amount of energy you use, it is then that you will need to consider ways of reducing your energy waste. The meter will be able to breakdown your energy use so you know what your TV, Dishwasher etc uses before you know it you will only use the dishwasher when its full, you’re stop leaving the TV and other electrical appliances on standby and your incentive will be that you save money. Installing a smart meter also means no more estimated bills as your energy provider will be able to read your meter automatically.

The government plan to have a smart meter in every UK home by 2020, why wait for a investment of £100 you could save yourself in excess of £500 over the next 10 years as well as take 10% annually of the carbon footprint of your home.

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