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However many steps a hotel takes to reduce its carbon footprint without the cooperation of the guest any eco imitative is likely to fall. What simple measures can we take to make our stay green without impacting on the quality of our stay?

Many hotels now operate a policy of only replacing towels on request however if we fail to put the towels in the proper place after use housekeeping will assume that the towels need replacing, so make a point of hanging your towels up after use.

Bring your own toiletries and leave the hotels unopened and unused, do not take them home with you.

Take showers not baths and cut down on the time you’re in the shower.

Keep your room tidy, the less mess we make the less work for housekeeping which saves electricity and reduces the use of cleaning products harmful to the environment.

Switch of lights when not needed, unplug electrical appliances that are not in use and open a window instead of use air conditioning. If you room has a thermostat turn it down a degree or two in winter or up in summer.

The above are only suggestions and nobody expects anyone to stick to them rigidly, yes the hotel will save money and may well not reflect those savings in your room rates but if everybody that stayed in a hotel today implemented just one of the suggestions above just imagine the positive impact on our environment.

16 Nov 09
Karen From stockport
I agree totally with the above article, we do not become less responsible for our actions away from home, when i choose to stay in an area on holiday i take all the steps i can to reduce my carbon footprint, its easy to do and has never reduced the enjoyment of my stay. I would have liked the article to go further and suggest ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint away from the hotel as they have not can i suggest a few simple things that i do. I always carry an empty plastic water bottle which i fill up before i leave my hotel room; it’s cheaper than buying water and allows me to use the same water bottle each day. I always ask at the hotel desk if they use locally sourced food in the restaurant if not i try to find a restaurant serving seasonal local sourced food. We all like to shop when on holiday and I’m no expectation but I always have a couple of quality reusable bags with me so i have no need for plastic bags. I try to walk around the areas I visit as this often allows me to see more, however when necessary i will take public transport and leave the car in the car park. None of the above takes much effort and after a while become second nature. I think the way to save the planet is for lots of people to make small changes to their lifestyle which together can have a large impact on climate change.

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